We Heal In Safety, Peace, Empowerment and Resilience

WHISPER strives to enhance the awareness and safety of women, in their relationships and their environment.  An exploration of the dynamics power and analysis of gender-based abuse frame the physical aspect of the course in sampling various sports, dance and somatic therapies. 

WHISPER is a broad-based program designed to address trauma at the level of the body.  Soma (Latin for body) practices are used, in addition to awareness of the power dynamics within personal and business environments. 

"Voca Vice"

Finding Voice In Connection

Cecropia Moth - spiritual meaning is 'allow the change'.

The Issue

It has been demonstrated through 25 years of ongoing community interest that the requirement for an instructional safety and mentor-based program designed to assist women during, and in the aftermath of abuse. This program begins at the prevention and awareness stage, and explores the dynamics of potentially toxic relationships, and strategies to avoid these.

Use of somatic therapies and practices to enhance healing.

It has been shown that trauma is endemic, and most people will experience it at some point in their lives. “It is not what happens to you, says Dr. Gabor Mate, but what happens within you as a result of what happens to you”. He and others support the concept that trauma causes emotions to be shut off, and survival mechanisms take over. Often these mechanisms are dysfunctional and sabotage any ability to connect to others. Emotions that have been buried within the psyche become evident, eventually, through disease and dysfunction.

Cecropia Moth - spiritual meaning is 'allow the change'.

This supports that the body is an energetic field that can trap negative energy within. As science meets spirituality, it is increasingly clear that the human being can work with energy to enhance joy and compassion. An awareness is required on the encroaching concept of Wetiko – Ojibwe word for social mind virus. The importance of recognising the personality types that lend to this sweeping layer of fear. Address the world state – global healing/ascension/call to embrace unconditional love verses fear based. Uses mentor-based approach to address the potential for rising statistics and explore methods to enhance wellness in these areas.

Focus on Healing , Trauma, Abuse and Finding Voice

The Research

The law enforcement industry is seeing an increasing volume of gender based violence, and related financial, sexual as well as other abuses that do not fall in the criminal realm. Intimate partner abuse includes the emotional, psychological and spiritual areas. During the past two years, 20/21 there has been a significant increase in partner abuse due to several factors, the advent of social media, and related deterioration of social skills, connection, and intimate relationships. Other factors include the isolation imposed by pandemic protocols, and increase in online pornography, gambling and media addictions. Dating relationships are frequently commenced in cyberspace, increasing the potential for false representation and predation.

Course Objectives

This is a two part course, with a physical component and web-based (to be developed) learning modules.  There is a strong link to First Nations culture in the lessons, based on the Seven Grandfather Teachings, and values of honoring Earth.

This course empowers women to live their story, find their voice, agency and purpose through music, somatic practices, team building, communication skills and mentoring.  Empowering them to rise after falls.  

It is similarly for women within both healthy and unhealthy environments, and celebrates kindness and compassion as core values.  The participants are women thirteen and up, some having experienced trauma in the areas of psychological, emotional, financial, sexual, spiritual and/or physical abuse.  Others have vicariously experienced trauma or abuse within damaged family systems.  

WHISPER houses interviews with leading and local experts in their fields, including, nutrition, fitness, martial arts, dance and breathwork as somatic practices.  The awareness component is a study of survival behaviors stemming from trauma.   Traumas similarly result in entrenched survival mechanisms that contribute to interpersonal dysfunction.  The course content includes a review of the spectrum of Cluster B personality disorders and the specific related abuse.

WHISPER seeks to educate participants on the changing dynamics of interpersonal relationships, what constitutes toxic ones, and what strategies can be employed during and after a toxic relationship.  

  • Theme – 4 Ps – Purpose, Partnerships, Power and Play
  • Mentoring others
  • VOICE – Public speaking and Communication skills
  • Anti fear strategies and exercises NLP
  • Finding voice in micro to macro – relationships to global interests
  • Somatic exploration – sports, dance, yoga, martial arts
  • Empowering – archery,  self defense,
  • Music, song, art
  • Cultural awareness and respect
  • Meditation, mindfulness and esoteric interests
  • Strategies for dating and interpersonal relationships, flags, and when to leave
  • Power dynamics in human relations


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