Womens Journey Into Policing

Women’s Journey into Policing Cori Slaughter, Inspector (retired) In examining the role of women in the annals of the administration of law, one cannot overlook the impact of women gaining entry into the profession of law enforcement. This paper will analyze conflicting debates over internal and external factors surrounding women in policing, from both socio-economic […]

WEBBS Article 4

Profiles and Strategies: The Power Reassurance Profile The surprise approach is sometimes associated with the Power Reassurance rapist, who may be recognized through his verbal exchange with the victim during the assault. A propensity to pre-select the victim suggests that this offender may have fantasized about the encounter beforehand. In keeping with the compensatory aspect […]

WEBBS Article 3 – Profile of Rapists

In the last series, rape resistance strategies were covered including environmental considerations as well as factors such as the victim’s personality. In this article, the profiles of rapists will serve to illustrate why blanket self defense strategies may not be sufficient for protecting potential victims. Profiles of Rapists The United States Federal Bureau of Investigations […]

The Bible Through My Bubble

The Bible through My Bubble I wriggled beneath the sheets, propped semi-upright against two pillows as my father scanned the bookshelf; his fingers poised deftly in mid-air. “What would you like to hear, Sweetie?” he asked as he pulled out the large, purple leather bound text.  “Ah, how about this then – it’s one of […]